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Welcome to Unitary's API

We're here to help you navigate, understand, and integrate our services seamlessly into your applications.
At Unitary, we help you classify content thanks to cutting-edge machine-learning capabilities and a deep understanding of the primary needs related to the safety of platform users, brands and advertisers.
We offer an API-first product to the world aimed at helping you reduce the amount of harmful content to benefit your user base and stakeholders.
Our multimodal capabilities allow our models to interpret audiovisual content as well as a human would, taking into account text, visuals, and audio signals simultaneously to provide accurate context-based classification.
In order to understand better how we cover your use case and get fully connected to our services, please follow the Step-by-step instructionswhere we'll walk you through it
Alternatively, you can jump directly into our Knowledge guidesor References.

Knowledge Guides

Our continuously updated knowledge guides cover technical topics like Integrating Webhooks to process Unitary's API responses in a scalable way, as well as information on our GARM, Detoxify and Items and characteristics products offered through API endpoints.

Full policy classification

Our best capabilities can be put in place to slash your operational costs by automating your entire unique policy, taking into account tone, content and setting. This is currently done by adapting our existing endpoints and models to your specific needs. Please let us know if you are interested in this valuable approach that is currently being used to process millions of videos per day.
Full policy classification will soon be an off-the-shelf product capable of understanding and flagging content based on your specific guidelines and any changes you make to them without any specific training.
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