#️⃣Items and Characteristics endpoints

The Items & Characteristics endpoints surface the items and characteristics detected in an image or video, including sound and speech. Each item or characteristic has a prevalence score which represents the extent to which it is present in a given piece of content. Unitary can also analyse the text that is shared alongside the image or video.

You can use these scores in mappings or models to implement safety policies, for example setting a numerical threshold for automated flagging of content or in a linear regression model (read more in the guide for selecting thresholds).

Unitary output's over 50 different classes you can find onList of Item and Characteristics

This guide assumes to have your API key already setup. If this is not the case, please email at support@unitary.ai

1. Authenticate

Please follow the API Authentication instructions first in order to authenticate with the API. This will generate a token that is valid for 24 hours and must be used in subsequent API requests.

2. Sending your first request

Depending on your use case, pick an image or a video and then use one of the following POST endpoints to send your first request.

POST endpoint reference

Example code

Content supplied as a binary file upload:

curl --location --request POST "https://api.unitary.ai/v1/classify/items-characteristics/image" \
--header "Authorization: Bearer {API_TOKEN}" \
--header "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" \
--form "file=@{FILE};type=image/{FILE_EXTENSION}" \
--form "caption={CAPTION}"

Content supplied as a resource URL:

curl --location --request POST "https://api.unitary.ai/v1/classify/items-characteristics/image" \
--header "Authorization: Bearer {API_TOKEN}" \
--form "caption={CAPTION}" \
--form "url={RESOURCE_URL}"

3. Get results back via the GET endpoint

Using the GET endpoint may be inadequate for large scale! The recommendation is using the "callback_url" parameter instead. Please check the Integrating Webhooks guide for more information.

GET endpoint reference

Example code

curl --location --request GET "https://api.unitary.ai/v1/classify/items-characteristics/image/{JOB_ID}" \
--header "Authorization: Bearer {BEARER_TOKEN}"

Depending on the processing status of the job at the time of request, you can get any of the following as the response from the GET endpoints:

  "status": "done",
  "results": {
    "violence": {
      "violence": 0.006823897361755371,
      "firearm": 0.06859919428825378,
      "knife": 0.03536936640739441,
      "violent_knife": 0.03841346502304077
    "substances": {
      "alcohol": 0.09190595149993896,
      "drink": 0.11272519826889038,
      "smoking_and_tobacco": 0.1175956130027771,
      "marijuana": 0.10564917325973511,
      "pills": 0.1289033591747284,
      "recreational_pills": 0.12389451265335083
    "nsfw": {
      "adult_content": 0.7132323980331421,
      "suggestive": 0.9982926249504089,
      "adult_toys": 2.8699636459350586e-05,
      "medical": 0.9637787342071533,
      "over_18": 0.8957071900367737,
      "exposed_anus": 0.0003555417060852051,
      "exposed_armpits": 0.1219978928565979,
      "exposed_belly": 0.2361663281917572,
      "covered_belly": 0.004645615816116333,
      "covered_buttocks": 0.007969379425048828,
      "exposed_buttocks": 0.040920644998550415,
      "covered_feet": 0.004700213670730591,
      "exposed_feet": 0.0017207860946655273,
      "covered_breast_f": 0.5827286839485168,
      "exposed_breast_f": 0.5190947651863098,
      "covered_genitalia_f": 0.11009037494659424,
      "exposed_genitalia_f": 0.003075540065765381,
      "exposed_breast_m": 0.0006746351718902588,
      "exposed_genitalia_m": 0.005911082029342651
    "hate_symbols": {
      "confederate_flag": 0.10465598106384277,
      "pepe_frog": 0.009708642959594727,
      "nazi_swastika": 0.07055380940437317
    "caption_language_toxicity": {
      "toxicity": 0.0003523826599121094,
      "severe_toxicity": 4.458427429199219e-05,
      "obscene": 0.00036585330963134766,
      "insult": 0.0004227757453918457,
      "identity_attack": 0.00011718273162841797,
      "threat": 5.6624412536621094e-05,
      "sexual_explicit": 4.363059997558594e-05
    "visual_content": {
      "artistic": 0.00594728346914053,
      "comic": 0.0004559260851237923,
      "meme": 0.00048818273353390396,
      "screenshot": 0.009867854416370392,
      "map": 2.6955993234878406e-05,
      "poster_cover": 4.053880275023403e-06,
      "game_screenshot": 4.549684308585711e-05,
      "face_filter": 0.008053907193243504,
      "promo_info_graphic": 6.63170067127794e-06,
      "photo": 0.9751037955284119
    "other": {
      "child": 0.05087965726852417,
      "middle_finger_gesture": 0.0770421028137207,
      "toy": 0.09503969550132751,
      "gambling_machine": 0.09784704446792603,
      "face_f": 0.501373291015625,
      "face_m": 0.0010322332382202148
    "url": "{RESOURCE_URL}"
  "msg": null

4. Thresholding

Please follow our thresholding guide: How to select thresholds

5. Webhooks

(optional but encouraged)

In order to have a scalable end-to-end integration, the last step is to set up the receiving of webhooks as described in the following guide: Integrating Webhooks

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