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Protect your brand from reputational damage
At Unitary, we offer a plug-and-play GARM classification machine-learning service following the latest industry standard for safe advertising.
GARM is the Global Alliance for Responsible Media, a cross-industry initiative established by the World Federation of Advertisers. When we mention GARM, we typically refer to the Brand Safety framework that GARM has produced.
Our GARM endpoints automatically detect and flag online harmful content (videos, images and the context surrounding them) solving a crucial requirement for:
  • Advertisers who want to protect their brands.
  • Platforms that wish to improve their monetization by providing a safe space for advertising.
  • Verification companies that help both advertisers and platforms thrive.
Our GARM endpoints can also be used to access specific customer policies previously built in collaboration with us.
If you wish to work with Unitary to solve any of the above needs, please contact [email protected].
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